Virtual Reality (VR): Transforming Real Estate Marketing

Virtual Reality (VR): Transforming Real Estate Marketing

Virtual Reality has invaded real estate industry in a big way. It is helping not just the realtors but also home buyers in their search for a perfect home in a far away destination. If you have been planning to go to Paris to see Eiffel Towers but not able to afford the vacation, you can now take a virtual tour of the same sitting at your own home. The technology called Virtual Reality (VR) now encompasses the world of real estate in addition to video games, fun, and entertainment.


Virtual reality is bridging distances

Virtual Reality, which was a privilege until now, and mostly used by luxury real estate agents, has now become affordable and being used by real estate agents to give their clients a virtual tour of the property if they cannot travel to the structure in person. In many cases, investors hesitate buying a property in a far away state or country simply because they find it inconvenient and impractical to fly just to see the property. VR is proving to be very helpful in such cases, making it easier for realtors by widening their area of operation.


The technology is still in nascent stages

Virtual Reality is still in its experimental stage with this facility being restricted to offices of some influential realtors and just a few websites where one can take a virtual tour of a property using proper headset and gear. But the day is not far off when all homebuyers will be able to take virtual tour of a property they see on the MLS without requiring to arrange a special headset. Google is working in this direction and it is expected to make a big announcement in this field pretty soon.


You will be able to buy a home by taking a virtual tour

Imagine a day when you will take virtual tours of a city, a neighborhood, and one of its streets just by moving your cursor in the desired direction. It will be possible for the homebuyers to take a virtual tour of a home they are interested in.


Big real estate firms are already experimenting with virtual reality gear offered by companies like Samsung and Google. Distance may prove to be a big challenge in the field of real estate at present but virtual reality has the potential to overcome this hurdle by allowing customers to take virtual tours of properties located in faraway places.


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