Unbundled Listing Service with Trent Real Estate

Unbundled Listing Service with Trent Real Estate

Just like “bundled” cable tv packages are going to the wayside in favor of people streaming their favorite shows via Netflix, Amazon and the like, so too are the high standard 6% commission fees most agents and brokers charge to homeowners to list and sell their homes.  Although most agents and brokers would prefer we don’t say that because, well, then they would have to “settle” for “less”

At Trent Real Estate, we realize that times are-a-changin’ and that that model no longer really makes sense for anyone but the brokers.  Of course there’s still brokers out there trying to charge even more than 6% which is outrageous.  Not only that but a lot of the time they will also add on additional fees and charge for pictures, listing cancellation fees and more.  To add insult to injury most of the time if the broker orders pictures to be taken for your home but you’re the one who paid for it, they still have the ownership rights to those pictures and do not have to turn them over to you even if you pay the listing cancellation fee to terminate the contract with them!  The surprising thing is that homeowners are so used to things like this, they tend to just “go along” with it, which is very unfortunate, not to mention un-necessary.

At Trent Real Estate, we don’t do things that way, we are upfront and never lock you into a listing agreement or charge extra fees for anything we don’t provide and you always keep what’s yours.  With us you can choose one of our unbundled listing services which start at only 3% for a full listing package which includes placement in the local MLS, color metal yard sign with wood post installed, color flyers, 1 open house, your home featured on our website, facebook, twitter and instagram accounts.  For additional services such as virtual tours and drone flyovers (which aren’t always necessary) we offer 4% and 5% listing packages, respectfully.  We always offer a co-broke of a minimum 2% in the mls so as to assure other agents will show it.  We recommend you always to offer 2% as a co broke.  Although keep in mind buyers, just like sellers, are much more empowered these days and often find homes they like by searching online and then telling their agent which ones they would like to see.

Sometimes people just want to list their home on the higher side and “see what happens”  For this we offer a flat rate fee of $500 and you choose the co-broke commission to pay to the selling agent.  So if you’d like your home on the market to kind of get an idea of what you may be able to get for it and see what kind of action it generates, we can do that too.  You never know, you may just get a buyer, but if it’s not up for sale you’ll never know.

Feel free to contact us anytime here at Trent Real Estate, we’ve been doing this a long, long time.  61 years actually!  We are family run and would love to help you sell your home and save you thousands by doing it.

If you buy, sell or rent – do it with Trent!


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