Trent Real Estate Unbundled Listing Service Charge

Trent Real Estate Unbundled Listing Service Charge

Today, realtors charge 6% as a flat listing service charge for helping you to selling your home. However, in the real sense of it, they might not be the one that look for the buyer rather, it was the buyer that searched online, saw a listed home for sale and decided to contact the realtor. The world is now a global village and information is available at the fingertip of home. What does this mean? It means you are paying the real estate broker for doing nothing. They didn’t search for a buyer; neither do they undergo any stress. They just sit in the comfort of their office and home, receive a phone call and voila! They get a whopping 6 percent on the home sale. Some broker fee may even be available for a greater percentage; this depends on the location, the scope of work and real estate market conditions.
With our unbundled listing service which pegs our listing fee at 3%, you make the most out of selling your home can be one of the most stressful things some people undergo. Interestingly, when you deal with Trent real estate Inc. you won’t be charged any other fee, no handled everything from the 3%, ensure that your home is sold to the best buyer and also ensure that you are happy with the deal. We work with this slogan (for our clients): No Stress, No Tension.

We have well trained field agents that are well experienced about dealing with a wide range of properties so you don’t need to worry if the property you want to sell is a single family home, a town home, a luxury condo and mansion with mouthwatering facilities and amenities. Don’t worry, we’ll help you estimate the best price for the property and ensure it I sold to the best buyer while following the necessary work ethics and other legal bindings. Our agents are well trained and experienced and they know the hacks to bring in a lot more potential customers and buyers than other agents in the field.

Very few realtors work on a flat fee scale, some agents charge the seller for each service they provide so that they don’t end up not getting paid at all if they couldn’t sell the home eventually. Since their pay is tied to the selling price of the home and they do not get paid until the property is sold. At Trent Real Estate, our dealings are plain, we try our possible best to sell the home at a fair price and in a situation that we couldn’t sell the home (which is very rare) you don’t incur any other expenses as we don’t charge the 3% until the home is sold.
At Trent Real Estate our motive is to help you make as much money as possible from the sale of your home. We understand the technicalities around selling a property and we are here to use our expertise to bring smile your face.

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