Simplify the sales process with unbundled listing service from Trent Real Estate

Simplify the sales process with unbundled listing service from Trent Real Estate

People are “cutting the cord” with their internet providers for a reason.  Quite simply, they are tired of paying high premiums for bundled channels, many of which they never watch or have any interest in.  New technologies like streaming services, and applications like Sling are providing ways for people to only pay for what they choose to watch.  Which, in this day and age, makes a lot of sense.

Unfortunately for the real estate industry, it tends to “lag behind”  Things like unbundled listing services have largely remained elusive due to agents wanting to charge the standard 6% brokerage fee and seldom if ever do they waive from that.  From their end it is very understandable as they will make more and most times scoff at the idea of reducing their fees.  So let’s do the math on this,  let’s say you have a home worth $500,000 at 6% your total out of pocket commission to your agent is going to be $30,000!  Perhaps the market is hot and you receive an offer on your home in a couple of weeks, you think “well, I guess it was worth it since the agent sold my home”  but was it really?  Well, it depends, if your home was priced right from the get-go with a realistic expectation of what you can sell for, then unfortunately no, it really wasn’t worth paying a full 6% as most likely your agent simply put your home in the mls and as it became syndicated across multiple online channels like zillow and, chances are a potential buyer saw it and contacted their agent to see it.

At Trent Real Estate, we offer a new perspective on things, with our unbundled listing service, which starts at 3% and goes up from there to 5% maximum (our maximum is still 1% less than our competitors) depending on the services you would like.  In our example above, had you listed your home with Trent Real Estate for our reduced, unbundled commission rate of 3%, you would have saved $15,000 in commission money right off the bat.  That’s a lot of money to help out with moving expenses, put down on your new home, juniors college fund, take a vacation and so on.

Please take a look at some helpful information for sellers to know below.  When you’re ready to save tens (sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars) give us a call, you’ll be glad you did.

Simplify the sales process with a FLAT 3% LISTING FEE

We list your home for 3%, with no other fees whatsoever.  If you are unhappy with our services you are free to cancel at anytime!  Please read our “good information for sellers to know” and “Good questions to ask your real estate agent”  below.

Good Information for sellers to know.

Put simply, in most cases it doesn’t make financial sense to pay a whopping 6% to sell your home these days.  Times are changing, with the available technology out there and website syndication such as and Zillow, agents are doing less but getting paid more.  Most sellers don’t realize that a lot of the time it’s not even the agent you hired that sells your property, it’s usually an agent from a different firm altogether.  In addition to that, often it’s the buyers who are calling the agents and telling them they found a house online and they’d like to put an offer on it.   Buyers and sellers are very empowered and they have much more information at their fingertips these days, most of the time a standard 6% listing fee is no longer warranted in this business.

Good questions to ask your real estate agent.

1 Do you charge any upfront fees at all whatsoever to sell my house? If you do, what are they for (pictures, drone videos, etc.) and do I own the pictures and drone footage to do as I choose with it?

2 Do you charge any listing cancellation fees for me to get out of the contract with your brokerage? If so why and how much do you charge?

3 Will you list my house at 3% saving me thousands (sometimes tens or hundreds of thousands) of dollars and charge me absolutely no other fees at all whatsoever?

If you are not happy with the answers you receive, give us a call or inquire through our site. No pressure, no stress, billions closed and family owned since 1956.    Office: 561-839-9554

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