Increasing use of Drones for Real Estate photography

Increasing use of Drones for Real Estate photography

Most of the homebuyers start their search over internet these days. They go through the listings in their area, often ignoring or skipping a listing of a property if the photos that are attached are ordinary and dull. If this is the case with ordinary photographs, one can easily imagine what happens to listings with no photographs attached. Realizing the impact of good quality photos and videos of a property upon the mind of the prospective buyers, more and more realtors are hiring services of professional photographers to get the interiors and exteriors clicked by him. If this was not enough, companies providing drone photography are being hired to lure possible buyers with stunning photos and videos of the property.


Interesting views of a property shot by a drone

Drones are unmanned aerial vehicle that can fly and be controlled remotely. Drones are being fitted with cameras to take pictures and videos of properties. These aerial photographs and videos provide a unique view of the property from outside and inside to the buyer. He is more likely to shortlist a property on the basis of these high resolution beautiful photos and videos than if the listing contained ordinary photos. These drones are fitted with cameras and they are also being used to provide virtual tours to the buyers. Imagine being able to take a close look at a property as if you have are there and visiting each and every room inside the property.


Photos taken by a drone are well worth all the spending

This new technology trend is catching up with the realtors and more and more and more properties on the MLS can be seen attached with photos that have been taken utilizing a drone camera. Although photos taken by a drone prove to be costlier than photos taken by an iPhone, realtors are readily paying the expenses of a drone as they find that homes listed with these photos do not stay long in the market and receive multiple offers from buyers.


Drones are changing the face of real estate marketing. Realizing the impact of drone photography over homebuyers, it is not at all surprising to see more and more companies offering drone photography services to realtors. In fact, the rates charged by drone photography have come down drastically because of the competition faced by these companies. These drones can not only carry camera equipment but also do their job in all weather conditions.


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