Health Benefit of Living in South Florida Coastal Areas

Health Benefit of Living in South Florida Coastal Areas

It is no surprise that spending quality time by the ocean or beachside, brings about calmness, tranquility and provides a greater sense of clarity and creativity which is a well needed antidote to our constantly connected lives and it provides a perfect remedy for everything from mild fatigue to depression and many other healing benefits.

While health and wellbeing have emerged as a main area of focus in luxury living, the conversation around them is shifting away from recreational spaces like yoga or meditation rooms and fitness centers toward incorporating wellness into our lives more naturally and organically.

Being outdoors, in close proximity to water, provides relaxation which can have positive effects on exercise. A recent research published by the American Public Health Association explains those who live close to the ocean are healthier than those who live inland and that although physical activity promotes health regardless of where it is practiced, outdoor exercise results in greater feelings of enjoyment, energy, vitality, restoration, and self-esteem.

When it comes to living in luxury real estate, ocean views are the most coveted. Living near what is referred to as blue space can help reduce stress levels and make individuals feel happier. It is proven that everyone has an inherently blue mind which is a mildly meditative state characterized by calm, peacefulness, unity, and a sense of satisfaction and general happiness and with life that is activated when we spend time near water.

Having your home located near water, you enjoy water sports like paddle boarding, surfing, sailing and kayaking which often helps to garner images of freedom and carefree in the brain. Out there on the water, your agility is more present and peaceful. This helps to challenge the body physically results in that blissful state we experience.

For those whose homes are not located close to water, coastal life can be incorporated into their exercise routines, by planning vacations or day trips to the ocean or a nearby beach. This is an excellent way to explore South Florida from a different vantage point and get your body exercised while doing it.

There is an instinctive relationship between human beings and other living systems. We are drawn to nature because we are intrinsically connected to it. Humans are, after all, made up of 50 to 65 percent water. The health benefits of life by the water are powerful and numerous, easy to absorb and seem to be as limitless as the ocean itself. The ocean has also been proven to inspire creative thinking, reduce anxiety, and promote compassionate.

The ocean’s many minerals and vital elements combined with the sunlight’s nutrient can help boost your immune system, improve your circulation and enhance your overall sense of well-being. And you don’t need to actually get in the water to get most of these benefits. Just being in the sea air can give you a boost physically, mentally and emotionally.

At Trent Real Estate, we are concerned with the health and general wellbeing of our prospective customers and we are ready to help you achieve the age long dream of having your homes in the coastal areas of South Florida.

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