Five Reasons to Buy a Home in South Florida Luxury Real Estate

Five Reasons to Buy a Home in South Florida Luxury Real Estate

Perhaps you want to live a high-profile “lifestyle of the rich and famous”, or maybe you’re ready to start house flipping and want to stake your claim on the investment property with the most promising potential. Or, maybe you’re in the market for a place to hang your hat after retirement or during your next summer vacation. Miami and surrounding cities have tons of perks that come along with investing in South Florida property; it’s easy to see how South Florida is not only the place to buy, but also the place to be.

# Amazing Views
South Florida has (and still) prides itself as a beloved vacation destination and oceanfront paradise, containing many of the world’s best beaches. Bahia Honda State Park, for example, is widely recognized as one of the top ten beaches in the United States with its untouched shoreline and crystal clear waters. South Beach in Miami intersects Ocean Drive, and it’s not uncommon to spot sunbathing models and photo shoots in action here amidst the long, powdery strip of sand.
When it comes to getting your money’s worth out of an investment property, location is everything. And since the majority of South Florida’s homes, condos, and resort hotels include breathtaking oceanfront window views within convenient proximity of popular boardwalks and pristine beaches, the value of these residencies are expected to increase with time.

# World Class Entertainment
You’ll never be bored in South Florida, because there’s always something to do! When Will Smith sang, “I only came for two days of playing. But every time I come, I always wind up staying,” in the pop hit “Welcome to Miami”, he hit the nail on the head. Ocean Drive is a must-visit, harboring some of the hottest oceanfront night clubs. The Clevelander, Club Deep, and Nikki Beach Club provide night-long dancing and spirits, while eclectic art galleries, museums, boutiques, and shops sprawling Lincoln Road create exceptional day-time mingling and shopping opportunities.

# Five-Star Dining
Lincoln Road in Miami is home to a range of enticing outdoor dining areas. Mall Road on South Beach hosts a fresh farmer’s market on Sunday mornings, while Miami’s local grocery stores and fresh fish markets are hidden gems that deserve their fair share of recognition. Many of South Florida’s restaurants have garnered serious accolades from the likes of renowned food critics and dining magazines, including Food Network.

# Unbeatable Pricing Options
After the real estate bubble burst, the median price of homes in South Florida dropped. So all those great little perks that Miami and surrounding cities have to offer–great shopping and dining opportunities, lush landscape, and luxury entertainment- can become a daily reality for a wider pool of individuals seeking a second home. And with thousands of homes on the market available at strikingly competitive prices, there are affordable options for everyone.

# Preconstruction Opportunities
Stemming from unbeatable prices, preconstruction projects present yet another reason to invest in South Florida property. Saving money on a solid investment is one thing, but imagine taking saving one step further by receiving a return on your investment. There’s certainly income potential with buying traditional investment property, but preconstruction presents its own perks. Lock in a retirement home at today’s prices, or flip an appreciating unit upon ownership to make an instant profit.

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